Brake Repair in Hartford, WI

Your car’s brakes are its most important safety feature, and they need repair and replacement over time. At Pat Doll Automotive LLC, we service your brakes to the fullest, because we know how important it is to be able to stop on a dime. Come to us for brake replacement in Hartford, Slinger, and Thompson, WI, as well as general braking system repairs, master cylinder service, ABS work and more. We’ll make sure you have confidence every single time you engage your brakes.

Brake replacement

Brake pads are one of the many items on your vehicle that needs replacement every so often. If you can hear squealing when you brake or you’ve experienced a loss of stopping power, chances are it’s time for a brake replacement. We’ll replace your pads with new, OEM-quality parts that give you back the power to stop quickly and safely.

Brake repairs

If you’ve put too much strain on your brakes, the calipers and rotors may have suffered damage. We can replace warped or uneven calipers and resurface rotors to give your braking system back its integrity. Our techs will let you know if you need brake repairs beyond the usual pad replacement.

Cylinder service

Mushy brake pedal? Not getting the quick response you need from your brakes? There might be air or a leak in your brake lines. Through master cylinder service, we’ll flush the lines and replace your brake fluid, ensuring your brakes engage quickly and fully when you step on the pedal.

ABS service

If your brakes are engaging and preventing your wheels from spinning, you could have an issue with your car’s ABS system. This is particularly important when winter comes to Hartford, WI. If your dash shows an ABS light or your wheels are locking up when you brake, waste no time in calling us for ABS service.

Comprehensive Service

Whether you just need new pads or your entire braking system needs comprehensive service, Pat Doll Automotive LLC is standing by to provide service. Contact us today at 262-673-3760 to schedule an appointment for brake replacement, engine work, and other auto repair services, or with any questions you have about your vehicle and its most important safety feature.