Vehicle Maintenance in Hartford, WI

Routine maintenance is the most important step in avoiding costly automotive repairs. Routine maintenance is also simple to stay on top of when you partner with Pat Doll Automotive LLC. We help you stay ahead of upcoming services, and we perform every preventive service to the exact specifications recommended in your owners’ manual (or above). No matter the make, model or year, expect the best possible vehicle maintenance when you book an appointment at our Hartford, WI shop.

Oil changes

Oil, lube and filter changes every 3-5k miles results in better engine performance and longevity. We use the very best synthetics to give your engine the best possible care between servicing, and we make sure you’re getting the right weight for the season ahead. Schedule your next oil change today!

Scheduled maintenance

Recommended maintenance usually takes place every 30-60-90k miles. This could be anything from a transmission flush to a timing belt replacement. Depending on your vehicle and its condition, we’ll keep you on track for the services your car is due for, to keep it running right.

Vehicle Diagnostic Tests

If you’ve got a check engine light on or are experiencing issues but aren’t sure what the problem is, bring in your car for a vehicle diagnostic test. We take an informed approach to vehicle maintenance, using diagnostics to get to the bottom of both simple and complex issues. From there, expect repairs that are done right.


Over time, your vehicle’s essential systems will need routine service. From fuel injection cleaning to spark plug replacement, come to us for a tune-up that restores your car’s performance, reliability and efficiency. We leave nothing overlooked and make sure every individual engine component is inspected.

Diesel maintenance

Diesel drivers come to us because we know our way around your engine and the services it needs. From oil, fuel and air filter service, to glow plugs and urea injection system service, your diesel will get top-notch service from our techs.

When the time for vehicle service comes due…

schedule your appointment with Pat Doll Automotive LLC. Our reputation for excellence among Hartford, Slinger, and Thompson, WI drivers is all you need to know about the caliber of vehicle maintenance, brake repair, and engine work we do. Contact us and call 262-673-3760 today to give your vehicle the attention it needs to stay on the road and avoid costly breakdowns.