How Warm Weather Affects Your Brakes

Now that the weather has warmed up, chances are you are spending more time exploring outside, and you need to make sure your car can reliably get you where you need to go. Unfortunately, there are a lot of car problems that are more common during the summer months due to the rising temperatures. Keep reading to learn about warm weather’s effects on brakes in Hartford, WI and how to keep your car protected all season long.

Heat’s effects on brakes

It’s important to understand the connection between summertime and your brakes in Hartford, WI. Brakes work by creating friction that brings a car’s wheels to a stop, so there is naturally a lot of heat created during the process. During the cooler months, this heat dissipates quickly. However, when the weather is hot, the heat generated during braking does not dissipate as quickly. When brakes get too overheated, they can become less effective and more unpredictable on the road, leading to a lot of problems with safety and performance.

Preventing braking problems during the summer

Considering some of the warm weather effects on brakes in Hartford, WI, it’s a good idea to think about some of the ways you can prevent braking problems during the summer. Here are a few tips to help minimize the negative effects of heat on braking performance:

  • Practice gradual braking: The harder you press down on the brakes, the more friction is created when the car is stopping. To minimize the friction and heat generated while braking, try to brake more gradually. Ease into turns and give yourself plenty of space to stop before reaching an intersection to minimize wear and tear on brakes. As an added benefit, gradual braking and acceleration can also have a positive effect on fuel economy.
  • Get brakes inspected regularly: A great way to minimize the negative effects of hot weather on brakes is to have your brakes inspected regularly. Attempting to brake with old, worn-out brake pads is more likely to create performance and safety problems. Get your brakes inspected regularly to make sure they are still in good condition for summer road performance.
  • Keep up with maintenance and preventative repairs: In addition to having your brakes inspected on a regular basis, it’s also important to invest in routine maintenance and preventative repairs. Maintenance appointments are important before the summer months to get all of your vehicle’s fluids topped off and make sure everything is working the way it should. In addition, it’s important to have brake pads replaced if they’re becoming worn out to prevent any issues with performance during the summer months.

Brake maintenance for the summer months

Make sure your brakes are ready for summer in Hartford, WI with a routine maintenance appointment and brake services from Pat Doll Automotive LLC. For decades, we have been providing the community with quality automotive maintenance services, including brake and engine services. To get started with a quote and consultation, just give our team a call or stop by today!