Everything You Need to Know About Complete Brake Jobs

Have you been informed that your vehicle needs a complete brake job? Complete brake jobs are something a mechanic in Hartford, WI might offer after replacing your worn-out brake pads. These jobs might include replacing drum brake hardware, calipers, wheel cylinders and much more. Having a complete brake job done results in proper maintenance of your braking system, so later damage doesn’t result in an expensive repair.

If you’re on the fence about having a complete brake job done, it’s best to take the advice from a trusted auto repair shop in your area. Hartford, WI drivers wondering what a complete brake job is should read on for more information!

What happens during a complete brake job?

As mentioned above, a complete brake job involves maintaining all components of your braking system, not just the brake pads. A standard brake job will not usually include work on all your braking system components, just the parts that need maintenance. This sometimes means having rotors replaced or resurfaced, installing new brake linings, replacing brake hoses and more. Brake fluids and lubricants are often checked as well.

As for the average cost of a complete brake job, it all depends on the amount of work your braking system needs. A repair shop will give you an estimate before starting any work.

How to tell when you need a complete brake job

Any issues with your brakes could signal the need for a complete brake job. Brake pads should usually be changed every 50,000 miles or so. This can all depend on many factors, though. For example, those living in cities with heavy traffic may have to change their brakes more frequently due to constant braking. Those who own heavier vehicles may need their brakes changed much more often as well.

Common signs of bad brakes include squeaking or squealing noises when braking, your vehicle taking a long time to stop, a vibrating brake pedal and more. If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, it’s best to have a brake inspection done. During this brake inspection, your mechanic will determine whether a complete brake job is necessary.

Benefits of a complete brake job

Since brake pads tend to wear out quicker than other braking components, some people find a complete brake job unnecessary. While you probably won’t need a complete brake job done every time you have your brakes changed, it’s a good idea to always have your mechanic check for any additional issues. A complete brake job ensures your braking system is up to the task of bringing your vehicle to a complete stop, every time.

Every component of your braking system is important in ensuring you can properly stop your vehicle. If you put off any repairs or maintenance for too long, it could result in more expensive repairs. You may also end up putting yourself in a dangerous situation due to faulty brakes.

As long as you’re seeing a trusted mechanic, it’s best to invest in a complete brake job from time to time. If you’re a Hartford, WI driver in need of new brakes or any other auto repairs, contact Pat Doll Automotive LLC today to schedule an appointment.