How to Lower Your Auto Maintenance Costs

Besides your monthly car payment, routine maintenance is often one of the more expensive aspects of owning a vehicle. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be if you follow a few simple tips. Keep reading to learn how to lower your auto maintenance costs.

Make a smart buying decision

Lowering your maintenance costs starts on day one when you first buy your vehicle. Luxury European cars like BMWs and Land Rovers typically have higher maintenance costs. Additionally, they’re known to have more troubles than American or Japanese models.

Another way to cut costs is to only purchase what you need. For example, if you don’t need a large diesel truck—which requires more expensive maintenance—don’t buy one!

Regularly change your oil and oil filter

There’s a reason manufacturers and mechanics recommend getting an oil change every few thousand miles. Oil gets dirty over time, which may cause significant engine damage. Your owner’s manual will tell you how frequently you should change your oil.

Your oil filter also gets dirty as you pile on miles, which can lead to blockages that fry your engine. A mechanic will swap your oil filter each time you get an oil change.

Use your manufacturer’s recommended oil type

Despite what an inexperienced mechanic may tell you or what you read online, you should always use the oil your manufacturer recommends. Your manufacturer built the engine in a specific way to run on a particular type of oil.

Using the right oil can extend your vehicle’s lifespan and prevent a variety of engine problems. Though your oil changes may cost a bit more than if you choose a generic brand, this extra expense will pay for itself in the long run.

Be smart on the road

Another way to lower your auto maintenance costs and reduce the chance of accidents is to drive smart. Breaking the speed limit, slamming on the brakes and making fast turns all take a toll on your vehicle.

By driving smart and following the rules of the road, you’ll lower the risk of damaging your vehicle and paying for expensive tune-ups and repairs.

Get tune-ups as needed

Regardless of how you drive, your car will still need a tune-up now and then to prevent breakdowns and improve your engine performance. Pay attention to your mechanic’s advice, and always come in for routine maintenance at the recommended intervals.

During a tune-up, your mechanic will perform a full inspection of your vehicle and replace sparkplugs and belts and hoses and refill any fluids. Tune-ups aren’t free, but they are cheaper than emergency repairs.

Bring your vehicle to Pat Doll Automotive LLC

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