Top Signs You Need to Get Your Engine Checked

Engine failure is one of the most serious conditions a vehicle might experience. If you suspect that your vehicle is experiencing engine failure, it’s important to visit an auto repair shop right away. That said, it can sometimes be difficult to determine what is actually wrong with your vehicle. Read on for some of the most common warning signs that your car’s engine needs to get checked:

  • The check engine light is on: If your check engine light is on, it’s best to consult a mechanic right away. Sometimes, a check engine light can signal a small issue. However, it’s smart to have a mechanic check it anyway, because there may be a major problem with your vehicle. Diagnosing these big issues early can help prevent long-term damage to your car.
  • Clouds of smoke: Increased smoke coming from your vehicle’s tailpipe could mean there’s an issue with the engine. As with all other issues mentioned on this list, it’s important to visit a professional if you notice increased exhaust. There are several different issues that might cause increased exhaust, including the presence of coolant in your vehicle’s combustion chamber.
  • Strange smells: It’s never a good sign if your vehicle is emitting strange smells. Noxious odors, specifically, could signal a problem with the engine.
  • Strange sounds: Abnormal sounds, like knocking or hissing, can also signal an issue with your vehicle’s engine. Certain sounds could mean your vehicle has a failing engine bearing, or that there’s an issue with the combustion flow. Sounds to listen for include spitting, backfiring and popping.
  • Bad gas mileage: A noticeable decrease in gas mileage can sometimes mean the compression stroke of your vehicle’s engine is experiencing issues. There are many possible ways to resolve bad gas mileage, though it’s best to have a mechanic diagnose the exact cause of the problem. This can help prevent you from putting money into fuel cleaners and similar products that won’t actually resolve the issue.
  • The engine stalls: A stalling engine is a scary experience. While they are sometimes common when driving a stick shift, the engine should never stall when driving an automatic. That said, if you drive a stick shift and your engine is constantly stalling, you should bring your car to an auto shop right away.
  • The engine runs roughly: A rough idle could mean that something is clogging your engine system. Old spark plugs and a low battery can sometimes cause a rough running engine as well. Sometimes, there’s a quick and simple solution to a rough running engine. A good auto repair shop might be able to get your engine running smoothly again with a simple tune-up.

If you’re wondering how to check to see if an engine is healthy, just bring your vehicle to a reputable local mechanic. Spotting the top signs of engine failure early can help prevent further damage to your vehicle and decrease your chances of experiencing an issue while driving.

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