5 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Car Battery

A battery is one of the most important components in every vehicle, and it plays a crucial role in both starting and powering a vehicle. Unfortunately, batteries don’t last forever, requiring periodic replacement.

How can you tell if you should consider replacing your car battery? Look for these five signs that you should have your car battery replaced.

You have difficulty starting the vehicle

Batteries provide the starting power for vehicles. If you’re noticing difficulty starting the ignition or turning over the engine, you likely need to get your car battery replaced. If you’re noticing a slow or weak start, the components in your battery are likely wearing out, and it will take a few more seconds than usual for the engine to turn over. Rather than waiting for your battery to die completely, invest in a replacement battery—otherwise you could risk getting stranded with an engine that won’t start.

Your dashboard warning lights are on

Has the check engine light on your dashboard suddenly illuminated? Don’t ignore it, as this often indicates a problem with either the battery or one of the car’s computers. The cause of the problem is usually a weakened battery or an alternator that isn’t returning a charge to it. Consult with a mechanic to determine whether the battery is failing or if the check engine light is engaged for another reason.

You’re noticing electrical malfunctions

If your vehicle’s electrical components, like power windows, door locks or electric seats, aren’t as responsive as usual, the cause could be a weakened battery. A failing battery can’t power all the electric components of a car as well as it should. Give your electronic components a quick test; if you notice anything strange, take the vehicle to a trusted auto repair shop immediately.

You’re experiencing poor performance in cold weather

In a place like Wisconsin, cold weather is the norm throughout the winter—that means you need to be especially mindful of the condition of your battery. When temperatures drop, batteries can freeze, slowing down the chemical reactions required to power your car and reducing performance of the battery.

Battery life drains quickly in the winter since maximum current is required to power your car in cold weather. A newer battery will manage cold temperatures more efficiently, so you’ll never have to be worried about getting stranded on the side of the road in inclement weather.

You smell a strange, new odor

One of the most telltale signs of a failing battery is a strange, foul smell similar to rotten eggs. This odor is usually an indication that the battery is leaking gas. You need to take your vehicle to your preferred auto service shop right away, since these destructive gases can damage multiple parts of your vehicle.

Replacing your car battery is essential if you notice any of the signs described above while operating your car. Bring your vehicle to the experts at Pat Doll Automotive LLC for quick and convenient battery replacement at affordable rates.