Why Your Car Won’t Start on a Cold Morning

There’s nothing more annoying than dealing with a car that won’t start on a winter morning. When temperatures drop, there are several things that can impact the performance of your vehicle, making it difficult to start the engine.

If your car is not starting in cold temperatures, here are some of the common causes and solutions.

Why is my car not starting in cold weather?

Cold temperatures take a toll on many of your vehicle’s essential components, making it harder for your car to get started. Some of the common causes of the problem include:

  • Cold batteries: When temperatures get cold, battery performance suffers. Batteries rely on chemical reactions to provide a charge, and they slow down in cold weather. It makes it harder for the battery to do its job, negatively impacting starting power.
  • Thickened fluids: Cold temperatures thicken essential fluids including oil, transmission fluid, antifreeze and more. When fluids thicken, it’s harder for them to flow freely through the engine. This reduction in performance places extra strain on the battery, making it harder for you to start your car.
  • Moisture in fuel lines: If your car has worn fuel lines, cold temperatures can freeze moisture that’s seeped in over time. A fuel blockage results in an engine that won’t start. If your battery is in good shape but your car still won’t start, it could be a problem with your fuel lines.

How to start a car in cold weather

If you’re having issues starting your car on a cold day, don’t panic. Try some of these simple methods to get your engine fired up in no time:

  • Cycle the key: Before you put the key in the ignition, make sure all electronic components like the headlights, heater and radio are switched off so they won’t pull energy from the battery. Next cycle the key by putting it in the ignition and turning it from off to start 10 This effectively warms up the battery and starter and can usually get your car running.
  • Jump-start the battery: If cycling the key doesn’t work to get your battery going, find a family member, friend or neighbor who can jump-start your car. Once the car is running, visit your local auto service shop for a battery test, since you’re likely dealing with a weakened battery that will die again.
  • Call for assistance: If your engine still isn’t turning over after you’ve tried the methods listed above, call roadside assistance to get your car to your nearest auto service shop where a technician can quickly diagnose and treat the problem. Usually, all it takes is investing in a new battery to get the problem taken care of and keep your car running reliably all winter long.

If your car won’t start in cold temperatures, bring it to Pat Doll Automotive LLC. We’re vehicle maintenance experts, and we know what it takes to keep your car running reliably—no matter how cold the winter gets.